1. Open SQLi Dumper 


2. Input your dorks there 

3. Click Start Scanner
4. Wait until scanning done5. Click tab Exploitables

6. Click Start Exploiter
7. Wait until Exploiter thread done
8. Click Injectables

9. Check all at group Setup
10. Click Start Analizer11. Wait until thread done

12. Right click at vuln website
13. Click Go to Dumper14. Click Data Dumper
15. Click Get Database

16. Click one of db                                             
 17. Then click Get Tables                                                    
18. Click one of tables
19. Then click Get Columns

20. Select columns that you want to dump

21. Click Dump Data

22. After dumping [b]complete
23. Click Export Data

24. Click [b]Start25. Save

Hope it help you guys. Thanks