DUBrute 8.2 + VNC GUI Scanner 1.2

Dubrute is usually used for cracking Remote Desktop Protocols (RDP) and VNC scanner is used for scanning active RDPs
in bulk using ip ranges.

Password unrar : blackos.net

The famous VNC scanner (the full name of RealVNC Bypass Authentication Scanner), used mainly for scanning ip-addresses with an open port 3389, i.e. dedicated servers.
where vnc.exe is the name of the scanner itself and so on – the scanned range
3389 – the port to which the range is scanned
1000 – the number of threads
How to work with it?
In the -I field, set the IP range to Example
In the Port field, and in the -p field, specify the port to which you will be scanned for example 3389, the remote desktop.
Click Start Scan will display cmd and from the left the first digits this will indicate how many grandfathers you typed.
After clicking on Start Parser and you are creating a list of IPs.txt already with the IP wired.

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