ProxyFire Professional 1.25

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Proxyfire Master Suite Professional 1.25
About Proxyfire Master Suite 1.25
Proxyfire is a powerful proxy server hunter and checker, which can not only support HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, Tunnel, SSL SMTP (E-Mail) proxies checking, but also classify them into SOCKS proxy, High Anonymous proxy, Anonymous proxy, Transparent proxy and Gateway proxy. It’s a strong and multifunctional tool, including Forums Proxy Leecher, Search Engines Proxy Leecher, Proxy Scan, IP to Country Query, Proxy Filter, RBL Filter, Dangerous IP Filter, Hostname Filter etc. You can get thousands of fresh proxies per day by using Proxyfire.
  • Support Anonymity, SSL/Https, SMTP/EMail, Gateway, Socks4/5, Dangerous IP Test
  • Support SMTP/EMAIL proxy Test
  • Support Port, Country, dangerous IP, Duplicate Filter
  • Support Planetlab/CoDeeN proxies Filter
  • Support RBL, hostname Filter
  • Support different type of forums leeching(support LOGIN)
  • Support non-forum proxy sites
  • Support different search engines leeching
  • Support SYN scanning
  • Support SYN scanning before checking
  • Support IP to Country lookup
  • Support Leech proxies from FILE, URL, FTP, EMAIL(pop3)
  • Support proxies port connecting Test
  • Support HTTPS/SSL URLs


Activation Instructions
  1. Extract the download.
  2. Launch proxyfire (Preferably in a VM or other sandbox).
  3. Click Update.
  4. Copy the Serial Number that that is displayed.
  5. Launch the keygen.
  6. Enter the copied serial number into the top keygen box.
  7. The lower serial number will change.
  8. Copy the bottom serial number provided by the keygen.
  9. Paste this serial into proxyfire.
  10. Click Register.